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  • [NBA 2K18 Character Special] “Unstoppable” you should start to miss-Knight O’Neal
    There are many players described using this word, but they are really qualified, Only this one. As a non-Lakers fan, O’Neal, a knight in purple gold jerseys, is our biggest nightmare of those years. No star can bring the same level of despair. No, no one is at all like the knight. Degree of dominance; […]
  • In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever
    NBA jerseys have undergone countless changes throughout the history of the league. The jerseys worn in the 1970s were loose, and the unique design was inspired by the ABA era, while the 1980s were more traditional. With the magicians Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan entering the league, popularity rose. Cartoon and interesting design make the NBA […]
  • NBA 30 best team jersey
    Boston Celtics “Green Soul” The Kai team has a long history, and the unchanging colors and LOGO have always been with this green army. Their jerseys are simple and elegant, and they don’t value the type and style, but the green. Therefore, their jerseys have hardly changed much. Green away, the most classic and the most beautiful. Philadelphia […]
  • Who was the first NBA jersey you bought? These 5 jerseys lead the era of 5 stars in the 21st century
    Recently, many fans predicted that the best-selling jersey next season must be James Lakers No. 23, and some fans have already got this jersey. This is the most direct expression of the degree of enthusiasm for your favorite NBA star. On the wild court, wearing idol jerseys, shoes, and even imitating idol movements, it feels wonderful, […]
  • Honor privileges enjoyed by only 16 teams! Nike releases NBA Achievement Edition jersey!
    Just like the two weeks after the video game clearance, it will inherit the previous rare props, Nike has brought a new exclusive right for the team that successfully entered the NBA playoffs last season: On the road to the championship this season, 16 teams that successfully made the playoffs last season will have the […]
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