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In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

NBA jerseys have undergone countless changes throughout the history of the league. The jerseys worn in the 1970s were loose, and the unique design was inspired by the ABA era, while the 1980s were more traditional. With the magicians Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan entering the league, popularity rose. Cartoon and interesting design make the NBA a cultural development bridge and a place where basketball and hip-hop intersect. At the peak of Jordan’s reign, every child wanted to imitate his shorts, stylish sneakers and the Bulls’ jersey design. In the 2000s, the league returned to its roots, because the team wore retro jerseys, often paid tribute to history, and due to the use of new technologies, also added some enhancements.

Today, Nike is the official jersey supplier, and with the launch of the team version, it has had a great impact on the appearance of the league jersey.

With the return of the jersey era, The Crossover Staff commented on the 30 best jerseys in NBA history. The rating of the jersey is based on aesthetics, creativity, nostalgia and historical importance. Just like every list on the Internet, you will almost certainly disagree with all of our choices. Let’s take a look at the ranking list!

30. Minnesota Timberwolves (1996-2008)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

The best jerseys often form the image of a specific player, which is true for the Timberwolves jerseys of the early 21st century. Minnesota’s black jersey with green tree decorations immediately recalled a roaring Kevin Garnett. When he tried to perform through the Western Conference playoffs, he sweated with unparalleled intensity. Garnett’s game matched the Minnesota jersey, closing with jagged edges. This is a match arranged by God.

The best aspect of the Garnett era is the details. The green trees outside the shirt set off against the trees in Minnesota, and the sharp “T” and the edges of the figures are reminiscent of a real wolf. These jerseys do not have the same flash points as other jerseys on our list, but they are comprehensive throughout the process and bring extra nostalgia to NBA fans of a certain age. -Michael Shapiro

29. Los Angeles Lakers (1960-1966)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

The Lakers are known for their purple and gold color schemes, but after moving from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, the team put these beautiful blue uniforms on for six years. The cursive logo looks great, and the team achieved great success in the first year of Los Angeles Hall of Famers Elgin Baylor and Jerry West, appearing every year in the NBA Finals of the 1961-1966 season in. During LeBron’s time in Angel City, Nike needed to provide such a retro jersey at least once. -Jarrell Harris

28. Cleveland Cavaliers (2005-10)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

There are many things worth noting about this jersey. The sharp neckline, the multi-color block that borders the entire jersey, and the dark blue dark blue are broken by the white font and the gold trim “Cleveland” in the middle. Then you will see the red side, giving the entire joint an incredibly unique appearance. -Kellen Becoats

27. Toronto Raptors (now)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

Although athletes and rappers always have very different style relations, Drake’s Black Gold and his hometown Raptors have an impressive offensive on the actual court. The golden chevron on the chest and the “North” label make the pride of hometown more attractive and eye-catching. For better or worse, we will remember these, they may set a precedent. -Jeremy Woo

26. Los Angeles Lakers, ALTERNATE WHITE (2002-18)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

You don’t have to be perfect. It’s possible that if you close your eyes and try to imagine the Lakers jersey, your mind will wander to a classic: Sunday white jerseys in the Black Mamba era. But the white jersey held a special place in my mind on Sunday. I’ve never grown up with the Lakers, but you can’t tell me that watching Kobe killed someone in the cleanest jersey. White jerseys have a tendency to be bland and leave a lot of shortcomings-that is, unless your team is from Los Angeles. Becoats

25. Detroit Pistons (1981-1996)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

The simplicity of this classic piston sweatshirt makes it so bold. Many sports teams have red, white and blue color schemes, but these pistons have mastered these colors better than anyone else. The red letters and red stripes on the side of the jersey fit perfectly with the blue white outline. The names and numbers stick out like thumbs, but the calm background makes them enough to be ignored.

Think about the five defenders engulfing the lane you cross the lane, and suddenly it feels like it’s washing your soul. You got a hip check from No. 11. Then you hit No. 40, and you swear that someone put a steel beam in the middle of the sea. Somehow, you see number 10 in every direction you see. Before you know it, when you fall to the ground, the No. 44 player is looking down at you, and you see that there is a No. 4 distance ball from the game-and hope you can overcome this confidence.

This is a special type of art that can only be appreciated when it is moving at full speed. This is a standard look that makes you think this jersey is easily overwhelmed, but it has a special seal of Detroit that makes it unique. -Cardris Rollins

24. Detroit Pistons (1996-2001)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

The Grant Hill era jersey was the first Pistons jersey to really reference the team’s name. A previous iteration of the Detroit jersey established a color scheme, and few others, chosen with monotonous red and blue circles. Use each “s” with an exhaust pipe. Coupled with the fiery horse, the Pistons achieved good results in the nickname “Car City” for the first time.

Red and blue are classic, of course, but it is also an inflection point. It is good for the piston to deviate from tradition. After the bad boy era is over, it’s time to build a new tradition. Visually, the red and yellow decorations are well displayed in cyan, and these colors are greatly integrated into the flame horse. Hill’s era in Detroit soon ended. The same goes for the Piston’s cyan jersey. -Shapiro

23. Minnesota Timberwolves, (now)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

If you want to pay tribute to the coldest musician, that is to put on a basketball jersey, the jersey needs to be as vibrant as the musician’s life. You can’t really incorporate the essence of the prince into the jersey, but the Minnesota Timberwolves’ urban uniform this season has done very well.

From the right shoulder pattern, “Purple Rain” was performed, and the special font reflecting the prince of the 1980s. There are many specific elements of the jersey that can play a special prince puzzle.

Purple can be effective as a primary color, but it can also easily fail, so using it as a secondary color is the correct way. The decision to use black as the background instead of white is also the key to creating a better-looking jersey and helps to best create an aesthetic. But the black background of the purple font is the biggest help you can do. –Rollins

22. Vancouver Grizzlies (1996-2001)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

The Grizzlies hardly had any positive news in Vancouver’s brief era. The team struggled on the court, squandered the draft picks and replaced 62 different players in six seasons. When the team ranked second when the Grizzlies were drafted in 1999, Steve Francis’ team was very out of control, but the team did choose the right draft. Blue-green, red and black blend perfectly, and although the neckline and belt may be misleading, there are still a lot of swings to watch in Vancouver.

First of all, the designer really integrated the bear theme. An entire grizzly bear was sitting on the left side of the shorts, and the “grizzly” sign in the center of the chest was covered with claw marks. However, the best move in the construction of these jerseys is to go all out. From Detroit to Charlotte, this method has never failed. Hill and Mourning made these jerseys unforgettable. Most of the Grizzlies jerseys are losers, which is part of the charm. The game time in Vancouver may be relatively short, but the appearance and logo are still classic. -DeAntae Prince

21. Indiana Pacers (1990-97)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

These jerseys have sharp edges and lines, are asymmetrical, and flow down from the armpits along the shorts. They also introduce V-necks, longer shorts and more elastic fabrics. These are new concepts in NBA jerseys. These jerseys are very popular. They saw a lot of moves in the 90s, went to the Eastern Conference Finals twice and performed best in the legendary 9 seconds and 8 minutes of Reggie Miller.

After working for 18 years, these uniforms made a comeback as a classic Indiana choice in 2015, making Pacers fans everywhere. It’s hard to beat. -Bellikalin

20. New York/New Jersey Nets (1972-81)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

When your name is an inanimate object (net) and your hometown (New Jersey) is a less successful sibling (to New York), making a striking jersey is difficult. After the disappointing start of the team’s career, the Nets moved from New York to Jersey in 1977, and with this move, an update was introduced. The logo still exists-red, white and blue color schemes, stars and stripes on one side of the jersey-and the logo changes to reflect the team’s new home.

Even in the NBA, they still maintain the ABA’s past talent and flash. Over time, the jersey became more and more special, as the team changed to a softer color in the late 1990s, and then moved to Brooklyn in black and white. The current uniform of the Nets has its own unique charm, but the team’s vibrant past should be paid more attention than it is now. -Rohan Nadkarni

19. Miami Heat, Vice City (2017-present)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

God. The only thing missing from these jerseys is the Bacardi sponsor and the VIP entry strap on the shoulder of LIV. The white and black versions are also valid. On hot summer nights, blue and pink hues truly capture the skyline of Miami. The striking font on the front of the jersey not only recalls the OG Miami Arena, but also reflects the smooth style associated with South Beach.

To be honest, these jerseys should be hung in the Louvre next to Mona Lisa. They are not just wear-resistant; they are art. South Beach is more than just speedboats and mojitos, it is an atmosphere. Colors, jerseys, hype videos, it’s really cool to be honest. Few teams can take off such a luxurious jersey. The montage of any player in the downpour is destined to be great. -Nadkarni

18. New York Knicks (1997-2001)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

These jerseys bring an unprecedented color to the Knicks palette: black. Just like the jerseys worn by the Knicks in the 1999 Finals, these jerseys will always be etched in the memory of the Knicks fans after being worn by the Knicks fans (Patrick Ewing, Allen Houston and Larry Johnson).

In the history of these jerseys, the Knicks kept most of the simple things: orange, blue and white. The thickness of the numbers changed, they moved things, but the three colors remained the same. The black stripes are strong and the tough appearance is closely linked to the tough, gritty basketball that was going on in New York at the time. John Starks has been a shooting guard from a grocery store clerk, Patrick Ewing sweats everywhere, and the infamous Latrells Preville has just arrived.

A new, bold change is exactly what the Knicks need, and these jerseys help to lead this change. If the players wear anything that can change the team’s style, it will be crazy, but this is the Knicks’ most successful in decades, and may be their most beautiful jersey ever. -Carlin

17. MILWAKUEE Bucks (2015-present)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

I really like what the Bucks have done with them since 2015. In short, the Bucks grew up. The popularity of color is gone forever, replaced by clever flourishing. The result is a very clean uniform and jerseys like ascending products on the court. Milwaukee’s success began with a great color scheme. The dark green and pleasant cream not only pays tribute to Milwaukee’s past, but also evokes a short-lived sense of nature. The “Cream City Rainbow” stripes on the three main uniforms are a neat touch, and a small one makes the jersey look too tight. The stag’s blue shade appears short and valuable on the jersey, which can lighten the mood without distracting.

Currently, the Bucks are trying to become one of their best teams. These are not your stags, stags known for their big donkey deer and Christmas colors. This is the new and improved Milwaukee. Once the Bucks act on the court, they will be respected, because in addition to being a team that cannot be ignored, they look really damn. -Nadkarni

16. Miami Heat (1988-99)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

When the number of NBA jerseys is worth noting, this is almost always a bad sign. These iconic Heat jerseys are exceptional, their type is very bold to define the entire look. That shadow is everything. On the road, the dark red decoration and black complement each other, creating yet again one of the most familiar color combinations in basketball. The black number and the white projection on the red background are completely fascinating and become one of the most vivid design elements in the history of NBA jersey design.

Because the Heat must always go all out. In the mid-1990s, the Heat did not win the championship. They have entered a lasting sense of basketball in their own way, providing a spirit for this. Respect Arenzo Monin. Respect Tim Hardaway. Respect that shadow. -Rob Mahoney

15. San Antonio Spurs (1989-present)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

“If there is no bankruptcy, don’t patch it” should be the official slogan of the San Antonio jersey and the entire organization, to be honest. The only more stable point during Greg Popovich’s reign was the team’s jersey, the longest life coach in all major sports in the United States.

The name of the team across the chest is a mixture of black, white and gray, and the bottom of the letter “U” hangs a cowboy boot spike. This jersey design may have been worn by more current and future Hall of Fame members, including David Robinson, Tracy McGrady (yes, it actually happened), Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Steve Kerr, DeMar Derozan and Kawhi Leonard both wore simple designs.

If the Spurs are an obscure team, then this jersey may be much less attractive, but the team’s great ability year after year, without major signings and blockbuster deals (at least before last summer) is The perfect representative-low-key, consistent design. This design is the closest thing to the classic Yankee jersey in the NBA. They will always be the same without any change. It’s hard to argue with the great, this is exactly what the Spurs experienced when wearing these jerseys. -Carlin

14. Phoenix Suns (1992-2000)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

The Suns’ jersey matches. Charles Barkley started his career with another All-Star player in Philadelphia. The Diablo, launched in this design, joined the Suns, paired with some of the best sneakers made by Nike. contour. Any combination outside of Chicago looks better than a purple or black Suns jersey with CB 94’Pure Purple’ sneakers. Barkley further improved his appearance in his absolute best. He took the Suns to the 1993 NBA Finals and put his team against the best-looking team in league history. Phoenix defeated the well-dressed supersonics in the final and played against Michael Jordan’s Bulls.

Abandoning the storyline of Barkley, the Phoenix jersey is still suitable for the team in all aspects. The Suns chose a purple and orange silhouette that matched loosely with the colors of Arizona (maroon and gold), and added a blazing sun to nod to the city’s climate, and basketball and the hoop were fully integrated. After making impeccable decisions, the Suns had to commit major crimes and get rid of this design. Predictably, since then, nothing has been eclipsed. -Prince

13. Atlanta Hawks (1982-92)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

Every Christmas, my family ventures from the Philadelphia area to New York City, and every trip includes a stop in the NBA store. Highlights include a purple Johnson jersey, a 73-point George Gervin replica jersey in 1978, and a red Wilkins jersey in this uniform golden age. Wilkins embodies this epic jersey: as smooth as possible, multi-faceted and long-lasting. Wilkins averaged more than 20 points per game for 13 consecutive seasons, and was well received in NBA legends.

The combination of red, white, and yellow is one of the brightest mixtures in NBA history, but the design is sharp enough to pull it down. You can close your eyes and see Spud Webb’s self-air relay. In the 1986 slam dunk contest, only the ridiculous 1988 battle between Wilkins and Jordan overwhelmed your memory. They are arguably the best jersey ever. -Jack Fischer

12. Philadelphia 76ers (1997-2009)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

The black road jersey is one of the most unique jerseys in the history of the 76ers, and is very suitable for the Iverson era. Maybe this is the idea of ​​The Answer in the black arm sleeve. Maybe this is a sign for the 76ers, this time it is unique. Perhaps this is the image of artificial intelligence walking on Teren Lue, because he was 48 points behind Staples Center in the first game of the 2001 NBA Finals. The Black 76ers jersey has certain advantages. The appearance is too smooth and too aggressive.

Although black sets the tone for the charm of this sweatshirt, its red and gold trim makes it stand out from other brands. Philadelphia has a black sweatshirt that can cut gold and place red embellishments elsewhere, and they don’t have the same way. You get a jersey that can last forever. -Rawlins

11. Seattle SuperSonics (1985-95)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

Can you really separate the aesthetics of wearing jerseys from the people wearing them? When Gary Peyton started, this jersey was always fuzzy green. This will be the last thing Alton List sees before Sean Camp ends his life. Supersonic speed itself is a particularly fast meaning, but so is this particular design; the defining appearance of Seattle basketball hasn’t even lasted for ten years, and then a brand with a lot of fate tried again to succeed, which was when they later revisited many of them. The default error in the original element.

There is not much green or yellow in the NBA’s visual culture, and here you have two particularly stylish combinations. Every design work is very simple, maybe it seems simple. The font is as bland as Arial. These numbers show the number of the same university style that can be found on the most basic jersey. However, no other jersey in this sport looks very much like this one, it has a clear curvature and front and back symmetry. Recover the supersonics, but Seattle is gone, but you can bring back these jerseys because they are incredible. -Mahoney

10. Philadelphia 76ers (now)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

Modern basketball classic. The 76ers are a legendary team, located in a legendary city, very suitable for this delicate design. “PHILA” acts as the front of the jersey because it has a considerable weight. The themes of red, white and blue are good because of the role of the city in American history. There are some unreasonable choices in the design of any other team-why would any other team have seven stars on one side of the jersey and only six on the other side?

One can imagine Julius Owen swinging these jerseys as easily as Ben Simmons. All the best elements from the 1980s still exist, but the overall concept has been more fully realized. Keep the three-color trim and discard the outline text; the default is the blue jersey instead of red, which is the first time in the team’s history for the 76ers; the appearance is completed by star-shaped side panels, which will not be overly complicated. Perhaps most importantly: Build a team with the potential to carry flags. If the “EMBIID” is really stitched on the back, then a beautiful appearance can make the jersey emit an immortal light. -Mahoney

9. Charlotte Hornets (1988-2001)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

I’m writing this article while wearing a black hat with a cyan edge protruding from No. 33 Alonzo Monin. These jerseys are definitely iconic, and their color scheme is almost the same as in the 1990s. Blue-green base, pinstripes of different colors, green and purple decoration-no fresher colors.

However, the true essence of these jerseys lies in the memorable role of wearing them: Boggs is extremely capable as the shortest player in NBA history; Larry Johnson’s acrobatic dunk and dunk contest perfect performance; Aron Zoe Mourning against young Shaquille O’Neal.

Without the power of the Eastern Conference, from the Bulls of Jordan to the Pistons of Isaiah, to the Knicks of Ewing and the Magic of Shaq, they want to kill Charlotte in the playoffs. For a team that has achieved such great success in the first decade, the Bobcats is the leader-Fischer

8. Toronto Raptors (1995-99)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

When you think of NBA jerseys in the 1990s, it is likely that you will think of the Raptors’ cartoon purple pinstripe jersey. The craziest thing about these jerseys is that they are one of the most controversial jerseys in the history of professional sports-they are either the best or the worst.

From a marketing perspective, the NBA provides an excellent design for Canadian expansion. Will fans of this era really integrate into the Canadian market? Both the Vancouver Grizzlies and Raptors performed poorly early, but their uniforms gave fans something to talk about. Wearing a purple and white uniform with a hint of red, the design has multiple stripes and a front Athlon. It was very special to watch Carter and McGrady dunking while wearing them. -Harris

7. Orlando Magic (1989-98)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

I don’t know why the Orlando Magic first replaced this jersey. These jerseys are pure nostalgia for the era of Shaq and pennies. The iconic pinstripes with royal blue, black and white palettes are perfect. When the jersey transitioned to the cartoon age, the words “Orlando” or “Magic” written on the star on the chest brought a certain style. The jerseys were simple, and they had two best-selling stars at the time and were not hurt.

Among the most successful teams in the 1994-98 season, this team’s jerseys entered the playoffs three times in four seasons, and they were also worn during the 1994-95 season when they reached the NBA Finals. The team needs to wear this jersey back to celebrate their 30th anniversary. -Harris

6. Warriors (now)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

Although the Bulls, the Lakers and the Celtics have their respective styles on the court in multiple tournaments and eras, the Warriors’ current uniforms are also very capable of emulating them. After all, in the past five years, every blue and gold sweatshirt has covered the shoulders of hundreds of millions of fans, and will one day become a retro project.

One day, someone’s son or daughter will find a white scum-Pachulia variant jersey during the remake in Auckland and receive thousands of Ins fans. The great success was large-scale sales and large-scale exposure. Seriously, as long as Golden State is still among the top teams in the league, as NBA history and culture develop, they will gain more attention. Their classic appearance, with bold colors and clean stripes, should stand the test of time. -Woo

5. Portland Trail Blazers (All)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

If the theme is the best NBA jersey, the Blazers are the most standard. The Blazers’ jerseys are refreshing and unique. They are black and white.

Some appeals are indescribable, as are any great design work. If we want to be more specific: Portland’s red and black colors have provided the Blazers with a higher baseline than most teams. It is difficult to make any red and black uniforms that are at least above average. The font is round and whimsical, making you miss the 70s and 80s. The fonts on modern jerseys are angular and more formal, but may be cooler.

Finally, the Blazers jerseys are at the intersection of refreshing and traditional. They have been there for almost 50 years. Basketball fans are asked to choose a favorite jersey. Some people will refer to the Lakers, some will refer to the Celtics, and some will refer to the 76ers or Bulls. These differences are reasonable. All of these are subjective. But if you add trailblazers to the conversation, the argument usually stops for a minute. No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone agrees that the Blazers jerseys are great. This is their best reason. -Andrew Sharp

4. Denver Nuggets (1982-1993)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

The jersey should be judged mainly on two criteria: aesthetics and the relationship with the team’s history. Based on these advantages, the Nuggets’ rainbow skyline lines are as good as possible. Let’s start with design. The background blue is very strong, and the words “Nuggets” perfectly match the numbers. But these are secondary features of beautiful rainbow stripes, which cut out striking horizontal stripes on the chest. The jagged white mountains create a subtle and beautiful view of the Denver skyline, gradually disappearing into the background before the second viewing. In a league that is often content with monochrome backgrounds, Denver dared to break the deadlock.

Rainbow’s return also pays tribute to Colorado. The Rocky Mountains dominate Denver’s skyline from any point in the city, and these jerseys draw attention to the jagged peaks that fall in rainbow orange and red slices. Retro Nuggets jerseys are creative, colorful, and of course the best. -Shapiro

3. Boston Celtics (all year)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

When I moved to Boston in 2012, the Celtics playoffs had just ended and the championship aura was still hovering throughout the city. Even if Danny Angie sent Garnett and Pierce to Brooklyn after the summer, the legacy of this team still spread throughout the TD North Shore Garden Arena. When you walk into the interior of the arena, you basically walk on the time machine, passing images from every title in Boston, which has accumulated from the 50s to the 80s. One thing in common? Jersey. Garnett, Pierce and Ray Allen brought O’Brien back in 2008 and Boston still wears almost identical legendary jerseys. This uniformity is rare in any professional organization in any industry, let alone sports. The headlines of newspapers have evolved over time. The logo of the main music label will refresh. The currency of our country is adjusted almost every ten years. For Boston, experiencing so much success-wearing the same clothes as Bill Russell and Bob Cousy-is unparalleled. Clean appearance, simple chest “CELTICS”, gorgeous fusion of white and green-these are the best jerseys in the history of global sports. -Fischer

2. Chicago Bulls (1985-present)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

Usually, classic jerseys are just the detachment of the players wearing them. Therefore, the basic red and white numbers of the Bulls have not changed since the beginning of the Michael Jordan era. This is their simplicity, making them eternal. The block letter “Bull” in Chicago has become iconic. It gently curves at the top of the front number. It works well with red and white lines. It is praised by the quiet stripes around the collar and shoulders. The team has worn black variant jerseys and temporary adjustments, but the basic home and away appearances still exist. As other teams have been trying for years, the Chicago style is still refined, without extra decorations, reflecting the city’s attitude and serving as a reminder of the six championships. The Bulls’ commitment to more than two decades illustrates this. -Woo

1. Los Angeles Lakers (1978-99)

In-depth article: count the 30 best NBA jerseys ever

When you think of iconic jerseys in professional sports, you think of the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Red Wings, Boston Celtics, and of course the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Showtime era, together with the magicians Johnson and Jabal, saved the NBA from extinction. The league is losing money until the legendary competition between the Celtics and the Lakers makes the league popular again.

The golden tradition began in the late 1960s, but it wasn’t until the 1980s when the team changed the numbers and letters to purple that it had a subtle and iconic touch. The white background makes the letters and numbers pop up in a 3D-like manner. These teams won five championships in the golden jersey era, all in the 1980s.

Now, James appears in the city, paying tribute to the classic golden uniform, while providing some improvements. There is no doubt that these are the best NBA jerseys in history. -Harris

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