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NBA 30 best team jersey

Boston Celtics

“Green Soul”

The Kai team has a long history, and the unchanging colors and LOGO have always been with this green army. Their jerseys are simple and elegant, and they don’t value the type and style, but the green. Therefore, their jerseys have hardly changed much. Green away, the most classic and the most beautiful.

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Philadelphia 76ers

“Black Meteor”

The 76ers have a long history. Their most classic logos and uniforms are red and blue, with a simple atmosphere. But I personally think that the peak of their jerseys is the AI ​​period. The long tail of the Meteor dragged behind the 76ers, with black or dark blue, is simply cool. Iverson’s smart dream performance on the field is absolutely different from this “Meteor” Match! With the departure of AI, the 76ers changed the team logo and jersey back to their original appearance, as if to tell us: This LOGO, this jersey, is built for AI!

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New York Knicks

“Classic Blue Orange”

Blue + orange has been called “New York color matching” by fans, which shows the classic of this color matching. In New York’s long team history, neither the jersey nor the team logo has changed much. The “New York color” jersey is classic. From Monroe, to Reed, from Ewing to Anthony, this away jersey has always been loved by people.

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Brooklyn Nets

“There are nets in clothes”

Although the Nets have a long history, the “Harlem Wind” during the ABA period is too gorgeous and complicated, and the jerseys for the first time in the NBA are too simple to be known by everyone. The most classic one is the one that was used from the end of the last century to the Brooklyn period before. Attentive fans will find that this jersey has a mesh pattern on the side, and its material (here refers to the player version) is also a different mesh design, soft and breathable (although not as good as today’s R30 technology). The atmospheric and outlined “NETS” and the number complement each other. Not so beautiful, but enough to be accepted.

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Toronto Raptors

“Purple Dragon”

The big LOGO finally debuted. The 1990s can be described as the era of the big LOGO jerseys. This kind of jerseys are printed with a big team symbol or logo, which is very domineering! It is sought after by many jersey lovers! But that was complicated production process, high production cost, and dazzled on the court, and was gradually eliminated. But it is indeed very gorgeous and very beautiful. This dragon is the best jersey in the history of the Raptors!

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Minnesota Timberwolves

“Blue Wolf”

The Timberwolves’ iconic jerseys are black and blue in cartoon characters. However, I personally feel that the Blue Wolf is better looking and has a higher collection value. And this jersey has almost become the exclusive jersey of Wolf King KG!

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Denver Nuggets

“Blue Rainbow”

One of the top ten jerseys in NBA history, and ranked among the top three. Because it is a jersey of the 1980s, the craftsmanship and version are not easy to be accepted, but it is beautiful, or a kind of extraordinary beauty. In the city of Denver Plateau, it is a rainbow of colors. This unique design can be described as unprecedented, and I am afraid that it will be difficult for someone to come later. Especially the away blue rainbow, chased by the majority of jersey enthusiasts.

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Utah Jazz

“Big Snow Mountain”

The black and white Shuangsha jazz jerseys are more classic, one is the classic notes, and the second is the most classic Daxueshan! And my favorite is the purple snow mountain away. Gives a sense of heavy domineering, but also reflects the iron blood of Sloan and his team!

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Portland Trail Blazers

“Red Frontier”

The Blazers had always been simple. Innovative design began in the 21st century. The three-color horizontal stripe placed under the jersey conforms to the team logo design, and also reflects the city’s logo, which is the pioneer’s logo. That’s right, this jersey is a symbol of the pioneer’s spirit. The red pioneers are more youthful.

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Oklahoma City Thunder

“Green Speed ​​of Sound”

The Thunder jerseys are relatively simple after all. The “Headlight Series” of the Payton period, which is quite collectible, I personally think is not very good-looking. The favorite is the supersonic speed of the Ray Allen period. Compared with the home and the second passenger yellow, the green supersonic speed is more representative.

NBA30 best team jersey (1)

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